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Buying and Selling Cars in Miami Doesn't Have to be Hard

Being prepared is often the best defense against getting ripped-off or buying a used car that is a lemon. With the help of, you can avoid the traps and hazards of buying a used car, or find the best buyer out of millions for your used car. offers all the services that you'll need for selling and buying in Miami, Florida, like loans and refinancing, so that you won't be left hanging. Get started with today!

Just to ease your mind and help in your search for a buyer or seller, here are some short guides on Buying and Selling a Used car.

Tips for Buying a Used Car:     find a used car now

Before you shop for a used car at a dealer or from a private party, decide what features and options you actually need to have and how much you can afford to pay when buying a used car. Compare dealer priceCoupe Images with prices from private parties to find the best deal. Prices will vary depending on the condition of the used car so be sure to review details such as mileage, maintenance records, check tire tread, and it is also smart to have a mechanic check out the car before you buy the used car. has thousands of listings to give you an overview of dealer and private party asking prices so you can get the best deal when buying a used car online.

Many people sell their used cars themselves. Buying a used car from a private party often means paying a lower price than you can get from a dealer. Often buying a used car from a private party means you can learn the car's complete history, but private sales don't usually come with a warranty. Used car dealers may offer services such as financing or warranties that can assist you in buying the used car you really want. Whether you buy a car directly from a private party or from a used car dealer, never buy a used car without taking the car for a test drive, and taking it to a mechanic.

It's important to ask a lot of questions! If you're not satisfied with an answer to one of your questions about the used car you're looking at then ask the seller to clarify. There are no stupid questions when it comes to buying a used car. If the seller doesn't have all the information or the correct paperwork for the specific used vehicle you want to buy then walk away and find another used car to buy.

Tips for Selling a Used Car:     sell a used car now.

First, you must establish an asking price for selling your used car. Used car price guides are available at libraries or bookstores to help you, check your local newspaper's auto advertising section for similar cars, and search classified listings to see what others selling prices are for similar cars. You may also want to take your used car to a couple of used car dealerships and see how much they'll offer you for your car.

When selling your car, the advertisement should list the vehicle year, make, model and body style. In addition, you'll also want to include the mileage, engine size, color, and any options that may be of interest to a potential buyer. When writing your advertisement, stick to words that car buyers will respond to such as "super clean", "low mileage", "one owner", "excellent fuel economy", "regular service records", etc. If your used vehicle has any special options or features such as a car alarm or CD player, include this in your ad, as it will help you sell your car quicker.

Next, prepare your used vehicle for sale by having the car cleaned and detailed by a professional detail shop. Having your used car cleaned gives you an edge over other vehicles. An attractive used vehicle can justify a higher selling price. Any major mechanical repairs or body work will almost always cost more than the increase in price you'll get for the car. Instead of spending a lot of money on repairs, simply be honest and straightforward in your ad for the car.

Finally, you've placed your ad and the used car buyers will start calling. You'll need to be ready to answer all of their questions so anticipate some of the standard questions and have your answers ready. Prepare prospective buyers for what to expect when they see your used car so there are no surprises and you don't waste anyone's time including your own. It's ok to ask the potential buyer questions as well so you know they are a qualified used car buyer. Make an appointment with each used car buyer for a specific time, rather than allowing them to come "sometime after work." Making an appointment will increase your chances of the buyers showing up, and if they're late, you don't have to feel obligated to wait for them. All of these tips will help you sell your used car quickly, easily, and help you get your desired asking price.