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  • Dressing for the Job Interview - Well, your resume worked and now you have an appointment for the all important job interview. Finally the big day arrives and the final important choice must be made. What should you wear?
  • Interviewing to Take Home the Gold - Interviewing is like being selected to compete in the Olympics: you have outperformed hundreds or thousands of competitors and are down to the final round. You are now competing with the best of the best. How can you leave with the gold?
  • "Tell Me About Yourself" - When you, as a job seeker, are asked the most common, and toughest, interview question, "Tell me about yourself," your answer can make or break you as a candidate.
  • Explaining Job Jumping and more... - Ask the Expert: Explaining Job Jumping, Beating Interview Nerves, Do What You Love, Making a Career Change, and Getting Into Teaching.
  • The Resume-Interview Connection - The total job search process is well-documented in terms of how to perform discrete steps such as drafting a resume, preparing and using cover letters, using job boards on the internet, etc.. However, good mechanics may not be enough to get the job.
  • Self-Promotion is the Key to Success - Self-promotion is a crucial element to your success in finding a job, moving up to a better one and negotiating a raise.
  • Almost Got the Job? - If you have made it to the final interview they are obviously satisfied with the hard data gathered so far from you, and your resume, and references. At this stage they are looking for you to fit the intangible factors like culture and team.
  • Tailoring Your Application to the Company Culture - Anyone interested in a position at a particular company should make every effort to understand more than the product line or business focus; they should also learn about the style of management, the esprit de corps and even the dress code.
  • Top Mistakes Candidates Make - A recent CareerBuilder study surveyed hiring managers to identify the most common mistakes candidates make. Here are the top five categories - along with some real-life examples.
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