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Colorado School of Trades - Gunsmithing

1575 Hoyt Street
Lakewood , CO 80215

School Description:

Do you want the freedom and flexibility of working for yourself? Are you interested in applying real craftsmanship to your daily work? Consider this - Colorado School of Trades has been teaching Gunsmithing since 1947. We can prepare you for an exciting career as a gunsmith in as little as 14 months. If you like to spend your workday repairing and building custom firearms, operating lathes and mills, and performing detailed wood shaping and finishing, then you have what it takes for a lifetime of success. Our basic gunsmithing course focuses on four levels of training: Basic Section - With courses like: Drill Press Operation, Shop Math, Blue Print Reading, and more. Machine Shop Section - With courses like: Engine Lathe, Milling, Universal Grinder, Welding and more. Stockmaking Section - With courses like: Stockmaking, Ballistic-Handloading, Sights, Firearm Use and more. Design & Function Section - With courses like: Conversions, Business Training, Trigger Assemblies and more. Our Gunsmithing program is designed for you if you are serious about your future. The bottom line is that Colorado School of Trades teaches the craft through doing the craft, not reading about it. Let Colorado School of Trades focus your sights on success - contact us today!

Curriculums Offered:
• Gunsmithing • Horseshoeing
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