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Need a mortgage approved for a new home in Miami? Research hundreds of loan programs offered from thousands of mortgage brokers, bankers, lenders, finance companies, credit unions, for homes in Miami, Florida.

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Getting a mortgage approved for your new or existing Miami, FL home might seem like finding your way through a financial maze. There are hundreds of available loan programs being offered from thousands of mortgage brokers, bankers, lenders, finance companies, credit unions, even stock brokerage firms.

Before you begin the process of choosing a mortgage company, a good first step is to determine a monthly mortgage payment that will fit into your current budget. A general rule is to keep your payment less than 30% of your gross salary. Don't forget to leave room for insurance, taxes, association dues and other costs that factor into your total mortgage payment.

When most people begin the online search for a mortgage company, they start looking for the lowest rate. The lowest rate is important and you should compare rates on comparable loans from mortgage companies in your area. Be sure that you also find a mortgage professional you can trust and work with effectively. It should not be surprising that more people are deciding to go online to apply for their mortgage loan everyday.

After selecting a mortgage product and company, the application process may prove to be the easy part, provided you have prepared for your initial meeting with a mortgage professional. Your mortgage professional will help you complete a 1003 (Uniform Mortgage Application Form) and examine a copy of your credit report.

You may have to wait for an approval after completing the application. Remember that companies are in the business of making loans, not denying them. There are two key factors in qualifying for a loan and your mortgage company may need time to verify the data and documents provided with the application. To speed up the mortgage process, stay in touch with your mortgage company and be prepared to answer any questions they may arise.

Article courtesy of Mortgage 101

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