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LAP-BAND® System Surgery Information
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Courtesy of Dr. Pedro Kuri, LAP-BAND® System Specialist.

Patient Experiences with LAP-BAND® System Surgery

"The LAP-BAND® System provided a way for me to break free from the horrible prison of fat. A world of changes has occurred - others' perceptions, my confidence and self-esteem, higher energy level, the excitement of looking in the mirror and seeing the new me, the joy of knowing that I can become all that I can be... I could go on but above all, the LAP-BAND® System has given me a healthier lifestyle and a healthier me!" (Source: INAMED, Inc.)
"My choice was easy: the LAP-BAND® System surgery was the least invasive option and would enable me to recover more quickly. I was in the hospital for a day and back at work in 10 days. I haven't been hungry since and I eat whatever I want. The LAP-BAND® System is such a good tool to remind you when to stop eating and a way to lose weight without sacrificing nutrition. Would I recommend this surgery to someone else? Absolutely! Would I have it again myself? In a heartbeat." (Source: INAMED, Inc.)
"As an RN of 15 years, I was sick and tired of being FAT, Sick, and tired!! I knew I wasn't healthy, and I felt like a failure in many ways, just because I couldn't control my weight. I started researching the band a couple of years ago and made 2 appts. with a local lap band surgeon. I had to wait 6 LONG months for my appointment. When I finally got in to see the doctor, I found out that I didn't weigh enough to be covered by insurance... and that I was just too healthy!! Imagine being too healthy for something that is supposed to help my long term health!
I almost gave up, but then I found Dr. Kuri's website. WOW! It seemed too good to be true..." (Continued)

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