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You Are Discussing: Looking for a home in a beautiful area?

Kelli Granade
Wellington, Florida
2006-11-04 12:04:09

Aiken, SC is the place! If you would like a free brochure about Aiken and the homes available please email me at kellirose2@yahoo.com, or you can call 803-648-7851 (office) or 803-215-7445 (cell). I can help you find property in Aiken whether it is bank owned, resale, or new Since I represent the buyer – your best interests are my # 1 priority! Visit our website at www.aikenrelo.com.

Kiev Tolka
Groveland, Florida
2006-11-20 10:28:34

Good Neighborhood, good schools

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  On 2006-11-20 10:28:34, Kiev Tolka  said:
Good Neighborhood, good schools
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