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You Are Discussing: Pedestrian Crosswalks

Don Saint
Saint Petersburg, Florida
2006-06-27 08:34:59

At all major intersections the crosswalks are governed by traffic signals. The crosswalks in between these intersections are governed by direct eye contact and the motion between the pedstrian and the motorists.
With the vehicle/pedstrian collision rate constantly going up,one would think this would open eyes and the condsideration of 2-way signals being placed at these crosswalks. This idea will cost money, but in the interest of safety, I believe the motorist would be more apt to stop at a red light versus a yellow sign when a person is crossing the street. With traffic,cellphones,and other activities taking place while driving, this seems like a good opportunity to save a life.Thank you for your time and efforts. Don Saint

Don Saint
Saint Petersburg, Florida
2006-06-27 08:37:02

Lets get this done.

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