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You Are Discussing: AN INSIDER

timothy a. paszko
South Venice, Florida
2006-08-31 19:19:24

this guide is from a 11 year resident of south venice, fla.. this is the guide that the SVBCA doesn't want you to know! maybe they'll clean up their act...
[1] do not live in south venice in the summer! the tall weeds in the sarasota county right-of-way is disgusting!
[2] do not go to bars on u.s. 41 unless you want to hear arguments, see fights, and see sheriff's deputies looking for criminals!
[3] shamrock park is really 93 billion miles away for most residents of south venice! no other parks here! sorry kids...
[4] you have to sell the kids into slavery to afford the outrageous rates for the ferry to south venice beach! use one of the free beaches instead!
[5] rents are outrageous in south venice! rents are lower in the city of venice, nokomis, englewood...

NOTE TO SOUTH VENICE BEACH CIVIC ASSOCIATION MEMBERS: you need to clean up your area of criminals, weirdoes, add green spaces, add affordable housing for both purchase and rent, lower ferry rates, and have better service with sarasota county, or else you will be seeing more posts like this one!


payback's a _____!

South Venice, Florida
Offensive  |  Reply
2006-09-07 19:17:52

thank god someone told the truth!

joe 'n' the gang
South Venice, Florida
2006-09-09 12:30:46

yeah, you can't even have a beer without somebody acting weird or tryint to start a fight!

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