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You Are Discussing: Jobs for Election Day!

John Dixon
Jeffersonville, Indiana
Offensive  |  Reply
2006-11-05 13:54:41

The Clark County Democratic Party is looking for some great people to work Election Day. We would like to hire about thirty canvassers to walk in local neighborhoods to help remind people to vote and how important it is for the Democrats to win this congressional district and other races in this county. The hours on Election Day are from about eight in the morning to four in the evening. The pay is ninety dollars for the entire day. It is a one day offer, but it is a great job for anyone who doesn’t have plans. You may reach John Dixon at the Jeff Headquarters at 218-9252 if you have any interest at all. Please call as soon as you read this, as Election Day is only two days off. Thanks!

John Dixon
Jeffersonville, Indiana
Offensive  |  Reply
2006-11-05 13:56:53

Oh, and the ages we are looking for is sixteen and up if there is a student who has off for Election Day and would like to make some extra money!

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