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You Are Discussing: Proud of my hometown

Denise Davis
Wabash, Indiana
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2006-07-11 09:17:59

I was born in Wabash and moved to a suburb of Cincinnati when I was 5. For several years, we returned almost every weekend to spend time with our family. Unfortunately, most of my family moved to Florida once they retired and our visits became fewer and fewer. I still had a grandmother living in Wabash whom we seldom came to see. We had grown up and started our own families. Several years ago my grandmother passed away. After the funeral my sisters and I went all over town taking pictures of our "past". We knew it would be the last time we would visit. I have so many fond memories of Wabash. The wonderful park, the trains and tracks (that grandma always yelled at us for playing on) A & W and the spanish hotdogs (which I dearly miss). My point....Wabash was and always will be near and dear to my heart. It is where I learned about how important family is. I would love to see a website devoted to more of Wabash and not to advertisements. Updated pictures of the city, more news and information about Wabash.

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