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4/19/2006 Forums Administrator N/A

Looking for a long lost friend

Started in Cottage Grove, Oregon
2006-11-23 20:10:27 leone strauss 19

Family history

Started in Baker City, Oregon
2006-11-22 08:16:50 Robert Baker 1

looking for a house or farm to rent

Started in McMinnville, Oregon
2006-11-19 21:02:13 Angie 1

Land Owners

Started in Newberg, Oregon
2006-10-26 08:38:16 Travis Baseden 2

Where is Keith Wade!

Started in Aloha, Oregon
2006-10-22 08:35:46 Debra Murphy 1

Looking for info Steele's Pansy Garden..

Started in Canby, Oregon
2006-10-20 13:12:13 C.L.McSheery 1

looking for old friends

Started in Eagle Point, Oregon
2006-09-29 18:16:55 lance baird 2

Searching for Biological parent(Carlos L. Amaral)

Started in Beaverton, Oregon
2006-09-27 23:35:48 Margarette 1

Looking for someone special Capt_Hookem Do you know him?

Started in Reedsport, Oregon
2006-09-26 19:42:29 Donald O. McCulluck 3

Local Contractor is "UNPROFESSIONAL"

Started in Troutdale, Oregon
2006-09-14 20:35:43 Willy 4

SOLV's Volunteer Action Training in Stanfield

Started in Stanfield, Oregon
2006-09-14 15:55:45 Jessica McLaren 1

Ronold or Kelli ulrich

Started in Hubbard, Oregon
2006-09-13 21:37:52 Julie Berry 1

Judy (Parsons) Scarbrough

Started in Irrigon, Oregon
2006-09-08 19:43:28 Brenda Gross & Bill Gross 1

How do you pronounce Alsea River

Started in Albany, Oregon
2006-08-21 23:59:30 Irene - Sublimity, Oregon 3

looking for a don welin

Started in Willamina, Oregon
2006-08-21 10:42:46 cindy 3


Started in Irrigon, Oregon
2006-08-03 13:55:42 B. GROSS EVANSVILLE, INDIANA 2


Started in Irrigon, Oregon
2006-08-03 13:40:14 B. GROSS EVANSVILLE, INDIANA 1

Looking for job in Baker City!

Started in Salem, Oregon
2006-06-14 13:39:09 Joe 2

Peace Vigil in Oak Grove 12 noon to 1 pm 1st and 3rd Saturdays

Started in Oak Grove, Oregon
2006-06-05 13:51:21 Nancy Brumback 1

John Day

Started in Seaside, Oregon
2006-05-27 22:24:41 anonymous 2

Gresham services for Handicapped/Blind 1930+

Started in Yoncalla, Oregon
2006-04-28 02:22:02 Lo Hert 2

Does anyone remember me!

Started in Coos Bay, Oregon
2006-04-21 04:24:59 N.Richard 1

trying to find friend from high school

Started in Roseburg, Oregon
2006-04-09 05:40:24 richard irons 1

Missing Oregon Family Found!

Started in Medford, Oregon
2006-03-21 16:21:02 Brian 1
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