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Wellington, Kansas
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2006-04-26 20:55:43

I am looking for people that I went to school with in 1936, at Wellington. Here are a few names that I can remember, (Dorothy Guthrie, Billy Bowers, Wanda Groe,and Gene Berry) I am looking forward to seeing how many we are still.

Sheila Breslin
Paola, Kansas
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2006-05-09 18:57:38

I am searching for the Brown family from Paola KS. Sherry Brown, Roy Brown and Gary Lee Brown. The family relocated to Osawatomie around 1966 I think.Gary was in the USAF and Roy in the army I think. Sherry married late 1960s early 1970s. Gary married Rachel in1969 or 1970 .

Justin Michael
Norton, Kansas
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2006-05-11 07:51:23

Just Curious, but if any one in Norton, Kansas went to NCHS, between 97-98 ever sees this, hit me up.

Justin Michael

Patricia Johnson
Norton, Kansas
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2006-05-22 01:17:03

I went to NCHS in 1958.....many years before you were probably born. I am interested in finding some of the people I went to school with.....if they aren't all dead!! Some names I remember are: Jim and Carolyn Hall (I think they had a clothing store)
Frederick Gilhousen (who later became a doctor and moved to Kansas City) Francis Holman, Cheryl Henningson, Mary Crable, Robert Ballinger, Judy Studerheim. Have you heard of any of these people??

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