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You Are Discussing: Carbondale great place to live

Jerry Osborne
Carbondale, Kansas
Offensive  |  Reply
2006-08-20 16:28:17

I lived in Carbondale on Market street during the early and mid 60's while I was stationed at Forbes AFB. I had great friends there all of whom I have lost touch with and forgotten some of their names. I many time think back how good the people that owned the grocery store there in town was to allow me to have a charge account with them. Bobby and Jeannie Roberts was very good friends mine and my wife at the time. The Greens who's first names I have forgot was our next door neighbors. I have read where Carbondale is going to be a site for making a movie soon. Some day I hope to visit there again. My son was born at Forbes hospital. His mother Elaine Heise lives in Wakarusa.

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