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You Are Discussing: Hendron Kentucky Founders and History

Walter Keith Hendron
Hendron, Kentucky
Offensive  |  Reply
2006-07-02 02:14:55


I am a Hendron; and my relatives lived in Hendron, Kentucky in the early 1800s. I am looking for genealogy information concerning Hendron, Kentucky, the early years of the town, cemetery records, church records and any genealogy groups or organization in or near Hendron, Kentucky. Can anyone help with some directions? Are there any web sites that list the information on the headstones in the local cemeteries? Are there any web sites tell the history of Hendron, Kentucky and its founders? What newspapers covered Hendron, Kentucky and the surrounding areas going back as far as it can be traced? Well, thank you for your help.

The forum has some people worried that some residents might accidentally tell the world about how great Hendron, Kentucky and its people are; but I found that true Hendrons seldom talk to relatives about anything, and given a chance, they move as far away as possible. Therefore, I feel that the secrets of Hendron, Kentucky will be safe for eternity. In fact, most of my relatives, regardless of family name or location of their hometown, seldom share much information about themselves. Usually the only way I can find inform is to travel to the area of interest. I have not been to Hendron, Kentucky, but I’m looking forward to meeting you.

Thank you.

Stanton, Kentucky
Offensive  |  Reply
2006-07-03 12:43:27

What is it near the library is a good place to start

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