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You Are Discussing: "Roots"

Patricia Ann Kuhn
Vidalia, Louisiana
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2006-04-23 01:09:43

I am looking to correspond w/any decendants of Arrie Williams of Vidalia (circa 1900) or any kin people of her son Joseph Bottom and wife Anithious. I live in Oakland, CA.

Virginia Kyker Phillips
Leesville, Louisiana
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2006-04-27 13:32:36

I am trying to locate Tomsam Witt whose father, William A. Witt, was my mother's brother. The family has lived in Leesville for a number of years. Please ask him to contact me at 865 397-3194 (day) 865 397-7027 (evenings).

Ms Tahtee
Cottonport, Louisiana
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2006-05-26 16:58:12

I would like to locate all children or Mother's of children of Michael Ray Jones Sr. (50 yrs old) Son of Lizzie Jones. This is for a legal matter.

G. Jacobs
Zwolle, Louisiana
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2006-07-08 13:26:43

I am searching for any link to Ambrose Y. Henderson. burried at Zwolle cemetery, his father was My G.G.Grandfather. I would also like to know where Ambrose Henderson Sr. is burried.

mercedee taylor
Zwolle, Louisiana
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2006-07-18 10:35:17

i would like to know where any of my kin folk are i don't know there last name but i have a aunt there name hazel and her kids are sharon, who is hump back and i can't remember any of the other kids name but there are 4 sisters and my aunt she may not be living now but i don't know that ,,, i do know that one of the girls do have a daughter. and we are kin to the ebarb and the sepuluado, if any one know's them let me know at my e-mail address is cdtaylor@eatel.net or my phone is 225-906-6556 thanks for the help. or may12th1967@yahoo.net ............

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