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You Are Discussing: Descendants of Ellen Bazille Clark and Batiste Clark from Colfax, LA

Yvette Stanley
Colfax, Louisiana
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2006-04-03 16:42:59

I looking for my relatives that may still be in Colfax,LA or anywhere in the world.
Ellen and Batiste were my Great Grandparents. My Grandmother's name was Jessie Clark (Mallett) born 2/11/1914. She had two children Ulysses Lamell (born 1932 and Dorothy Lamell (born 1934) by Dewitt Lamell. My mother and Grandmother are now deceased.
Ellen and Batiste had several children. Ellen already had a son, Ezekiel Murphy when she married Batiste. They had together, Robert, Joe, W.C., John, Lilly (Delaney), Beatrice (Dean), Sarah (Hagins), Lena (Sykes), Willie (Bush), Victoria (Hill), Pearl, Hagar, and my Grandmother, Jessie.
Lorenzo son of Ezekiel still has children in Colfax, Aunt Sara had a son named Sonny Boy that is now deceased..however he lived in her home there for sometime after her death. Her daughter, Doll lived in New Orleans and she's now deceased..she had children but not sure of who or how many.
Aunt Beatrice had one son named, Clarence they lived in Alexandria and they both are deceased.
Aunt Lilly had a daughter named, Ada and they lived in New Orleans in the 1940's and later....
Just hoping that someone can shed a bit of light on some of this for me.
Yvette...in Seattle, WA

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