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You Are Discussing: basile,louisiana by me;it will be seen global now and in washington,dc

normajaybertrand the writer4386/homeless international poet of the usa/07/08
Basile, Louisiana
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2006-08-20 03:17:37

its a small village;it has plain country folks who lived what and how with what ever the good lord gave them to survive with basile,louisiana and its a part of a civil war era;but it has education and festivals and its really a community blessed with his residents who watch out for each other like america dont;its a place on the holidays that even i miss if i m not close by;its a home god gave me once when i didnt have one no more;it was a quite surenic peaciful love i'll forever treasure;cause these folks like them who live wrote the story of basile,louisiana off rural hwy 190 west and its kinda in the middle of hwy 26 of jennings,la and elton,la and near the gambling center of kinder,la and maybe just maybe if the govenor mrs kathyrn blanco wasnt so busy sticking all of basile,la and the rest of your tax dollars in her back bankaccounts;this town of basile,la would blossum and its needs revenue;to thrive and even as a writer i can idenify with this more than you think;but to say its racial;noop its a place where i learned to live a simplier kind of life;with out hating some one like the others have shown on this forum;and i hope there is a place in your heart america to show up in basile,la on the swine festival and give them bussiness and tell some one to go there and find a place to create a industrial job for these folks and built suituable housing they deserve it;and to be able to built a motel where folks who are related to these places to know that i have arrived and i am watching with both eyes opened;and this place also might be lawbiding wouldnt you want someone watching over you;i would;like this city of basile,louisiana;this will be also posted on hbo.com def poetry jam bullitin message boards tonight after finishing here;its been robbed maybe of its beauty some what but it will always be atreasure and a home to me;its where i begin my writing debuts actually at johnny bertrands house by the railroad track cant miss his sign that reads the bertrands and its where my son grew up slightly and had his girlfreind;yes it was a place where every body knew some one;buts its a place unlike any where else and that makes it unique and some many different ways and especially to me norma jay;

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