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You Are Discussing: Happy in Braintree

John Corley
Braintree, Massachusetts
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2006-04-09 11:31:28

We are happy. My wife and I just moved to Braintree from the over populated soon to be trashed Quincy. The apartment we had was like a matchbox. My baby was born back in may of 2005 and she was only 2 lbs. 10 oz. 10 weeks early,and at risk for R.S.V which could really wipe her out. We could smell cigarette smoke coming from downstairs constantly, the couple down there smoked like a chimney, and to top it off we could smell marijuana smoke coming in through windows and any crack in the place. Me; I quit smoking 1 year and 2 months ago because I want to be there for my little family for a long time. My father just died in October from smoking, he was 53 years Y O U N G. The apartment was on 3A in the point near fore river bridge, so it was loud and every time a tenant would leave the driveway they would honk so that they could leave the driveway without hitting something. That got old the first week I lived there. I only lived there for 1 year. Now I live in Braintree, and I love Braintree. My wife has always had a thing for Braintree also. We live in the Windjammer Cove apartments. We have the water behind us, we have fresh air, we have grass in our backyard unlike where we were in Quincy. I heard that the schools in Braintree an fantastic. That's what my daughter needs. I went to Quincy public schools and I wouldn't want my daughter going to Quincy public schools. The people that own the Windjammer Cove apartments are very nice, they made us feel very welcome, "Braintree-like". I'm very happy to be part of this town, and I'm looking forward to sharing Braintree with everyone.

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