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You Are Discussing: location Oktaria Budiwati Indonesian National

peter smith
Turners Falls, Massachusetts
Offensive  |  Reply
2006-10-22 17:56:20

ex-fiancee/boyfriend looking for Oktaria Budiwati, believed to be residing with a Kyle Scott, 1 wentworth avenue, turnerfalls, ran off with $6000 dollars from jakarta, to states, then cayman and now believed to be back in States.telephone number for Kyle would be appreciated

Mr. Peter Smith
Pepperell, Massachusetts
Offensive  |  Reply
2006-10-27 13:27:58

This is a very inmature man, one that can not deal with an ex girlfriend or as he says ex-fiancee (streching the truth here), being happy with anyone else. The money he speaks of was a gift, now, wants it back. He is a stalker and has violated many laws in his quest. Mr. Smith, maybe get to be a big boy and go on. He fakes emails using attorney names, in short now that Im happy with my new husband we will need to address his juvenille behavior. This man needs to get a life and move on!!!! Sorry to all the people bored by his problems. Thank-you Oktaria Budiwati

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