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You Are Discussing: Moving to the area

Ware, Massachusetts
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2006-11-20 20:13:28

I am looking for some information regarding the area. I am entertaining the prospect of moving into the area and I am very unfamiliar. However, my fiance's job is the deciding factor regarding our place of residence and it looks the the Ware, MA. area is a good possibility. Can anyone give me any overviews as to the town. We are bringing our 2 year old son with us and have also a dog. Is it a safe family community? Any long timers that can contribute to the stability of the community. Look forward to hearing from any and all that would like to offer some input.

Ware, Massachusetts
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2006-11-21 11:09:37

I have live in Ware all my life and I am very happy here. Please just keep in mind that Ware is an Old Mill town where property values are low and attract many people but to go along with that our schools are not the best funded and the town sometimes struggles with financing our public services. Don't get me wrong our schools are good just not the best funded; we are small but proud. We do not have town trash collection; you will need to source yourself through a private company. Ware has many conveniences. There is a bowling alley, McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, CVS, Walgreens, Brooks, Walmart, Big Y (grocery), Berkshire Blanket, Children's Outlet, D&D Fitness and many family stores. We have a wonderful park called Grenville Park that hosts movie nights in the summer and fire works for the 4th. We have a town pool during the summer which has swim lessons and can be rented for private birthday parties. There is a play group for parents and young children that meets at a local Church. This Friday there is a lighting ceremony on Main St and Santa will be there. We have a full time dedicated fire department. We have a small hospital that is associated with Bay State Medical Center in Springfield, so health care is close and convenient. Yes there is crime but we have a great police force and I feel save walking the streets. The State Police barracks at Quabbin is just up the road. The Quabbin Reservior is an absolute gem of the area. It supplies Boston with water and has many acres of protected land some of which is open to the public for pinicing and hiking. Ware is 45 minutes from Springfield, Worcester and the Holyoke Mall...so nothing is extremely far away. I hope this helps with your search.

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