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You Are Discussing: Over crowding at the saginaw jail

Saginaw, Michigan
Offensive  |  Reply
2006-09-22 16:33:01

This is such a joke. There is an overcrowding problem within the Saginaw jail, which has been admitted in the news etc.. so they go to the controller and ask to transport inmates at a costs of 50,000 dollars, the controller says no - makes perfect sense to me. what does not make perfect sense is not using the tether (house arrest to their best advantage. that way they let people out who are not vilent offenders. The county keeps the money (because house arrest is not free) and that person gets to begin making ammends for what they have already pleeded too. The longer this person sits in jail the more you are turning them into someone who may not be able to recover emotionaly or mentally from making some terrible mistakes in her life that not only affects her but her family and friends too.

forget transport and ankle bracklets...death to all criminals!
Howell, Michigan
Offensive  |  Reply
2006-10-07 15:30:37

Hey! quit whining and consider the solution to the United States problems- just kill them for the simplest crimes to the worst. Maybe we could curb the lawless appetites a little and save a whole lot of money for our hard-working, honest citizens. I have no sympathy for any criminal-save $ for our deserving se3nior citizen, vets, and svchool children.

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