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You Are Discussing: Searching for a member of Britts Family

Temperance, Michigan
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2006-07-24 10:41:13

Hi Folks,

I'm Franky. A 31year old german, who is searching for parts of his family (father sides). Years ago my grandpa (passed away) and his wife were living in Temperance, MI! Their names: Frank and Christle Britts. Kids: Franky jr. and Robert (in Germany) and the Twins James and Janet Britts. Their Grandma Frieda Mueller, where I grew up in germany passed away in 1995. I just want to know if anybody, who lives in Temperance, could give me any information wether he know's the Britts-Family or anybody else. Would be nice if I can get informations about the rest of my family, 'cause I want to write them, to contact them, to know them, but I don't know how. Many greets from Germany, Munich. ....Franky (the 3rd)

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