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You Are Discussing: Annexation whats to be gained

Chuck Watson
Vadnais Heights, Minnesota
Offensive  |  Reply
2006-07-13 09:52:23

Last Year Vadnais Heights accepted a request for Annexation of the Bryan Hanson Property that resides in the city of Gem Lake. In a year long court battle a decission on this annexation came down from Judge Krause. The judge ruled in favor of Gem Lake and denined the annexation. Now again the Vadnais Heights Council is considering other Annexation requests from some other business owners from Gem Lake. The question is this---Why? The cities of White Bear Lake and White Bear Township are not interested in excepting these annexation requests, Yet Vadnais seems more than willing to participate. I wonder how the residents of Vadnais feel about this. How would the residents of Vadnais feel if another city was attempting to take a Vadnais Heights residents property. By accepting these annexation requests Vadnais is costing the people of Gem Lake hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Bryan Hanson trial cost the city of Gem Lake over $200,000. By accepting these recent requests it will probally cost the city even more. Their statement to defend this action as quoted by their Mayor is "We are just allowing these peoples day in court". However, Is this really true. In the year 2006 I was under the impresion that as cities we should be working together to help each other, Not participate in creating a huge cost burden to another cities residents by participating in activity such as this. Vadnais knows their actions will lead to court trials, They know it will cost the city of Gem Lake's residents alot of money, They also know their chances of getting the annexed property is probally not going to happen. Yet they persist in this type of activity. Back to my original question---Why?

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