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You Are Discussing: Lost Parrot, Sun Conure, Orange, Yellow, very colorful

Leonia, New Jersey
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2006-11-08 11:38:54

Somebody from my club was contacted by somebody who has a Sun Conure coming into her outside bird feeder 3 times a day, but she cannot catch the bird. She lives in Leonia, NJ, and it's getting
too cold for the bird to survive outside too much longer. If
anybody has lost a Sun Conure, please ask them to contact Carole at
212-812-8589 or at carole.campbell@worldnet.att.net OR
Bobbie at 718-980-7211 or Birdlady504B@aol.com - Please, help us get this bird home. Also, if you are not sure what this bird looks like you can do a search on "Sun Conure" and see how beautiful this bird is. I am sure the owner is devastated.

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