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You Are Discussing: We need to come together - Cliffwood beach and Treasure lake

Concerned resident
Cliffwood Beach, New Jersey
Offensive  |  Reply
2006-05-31 15:47:24

Why is it so difficult to get anything done in this town. a town that loves to fix their homes to beautify the area along the bay , a town that loves to fish at night or on weekends, or maybe just to have nice walks on the beach - the town who didnt get any funding to help build our beach back to the picture perfect place it used to be - i know this town cares as i grew up in this town and live inone of the first homes built along the bay - i only hope more residents do too - we need published town hall dates to go out to all residents montly in the mail so they can attend and have a say - and have meetings that arent changed without folks knowing unless they personally went to the town hall. we need people to not deny all work to be done when trying to make this town the beautiful resort community it used to be - what can we do as residents - there is more of us and more mean action will be heard- we can make a difference for ourselves, our children and theirs should they decide to come back and raise their families

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