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You Are Discussing: searching for someone

jennifer jackson
Albuquerque, New Mexico
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2006-06-07 21:08:05

If anybody reading this knows Bryn Webb,please have him call me at one of the following numbers:903-563-5059,903-572-3192,903-572-9056 or 903-572-9921.I am in desperate need to find him to tell him that I'm coming back.Thank you.My email address is jenniferj@bluebonnet.net.

jennifer jackson
Albuquerque, New Mexico
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2006-06-07 21:12:40

I would appreciate anybody that can help me locate this man.He's
6'3,slim,goatee,moustache,possibly a beard,did have very short hair,like a military hair cut.Last seen by a friend of mine at the Imperial Inn on Central,by the Travel Inn.Most likely hangs around down town.Please have him call me or email me.Thanks again,Jennifer

jennifer jackson
Albuquerque, New Mexico
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2006-07-04 20:14:15

id really appreciate any help in the matter of finding bryn webb.his street name is flacko.please help me locate this man.

Lynn (Benefiel) Dalet
Las Vegas, New Mexico
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2006-07-05 00:16:39

I am trying to find a current telephone number or email address fo r a doctor Cedric B. Simpson locted in Las Vegas Nevada. He is round forty years old and lived in Texas in the 70's and 80's. He graduated from Dulles High school and attended Texas A&M University. Thanks

Lynn (Benefiel) Dalet
Las Vegas, New Mexico
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2006-07-05 00:31:30

As I reread my current request I realized that I made several mistakes! I meant Las Vegas New Mexico, not Nevada and an address would also be great. I think his specialty is Internal medicine and possibly has a practice on South Pacific Street. Thanks again

Sheri Yvonne Allie
Las Cruces, New Mexico
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2006-07-27 19:02:02

sheri is 33years old .ihaven,t heard from her forserval months. i am her mother . if you know her please tell her to call home.

Springer, New Mexico
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2006-08-10 22:52:26

Im looking for my sister. She is "borderline" mentally retarded. Her and her husband moved from CA to NM a few months ago....she is totally in turmoil....the services that are offered here in CA are much better and quicker to satisfy people like her. She has resulted on a Domestic Violence Shelter, they promise education....her number one goal get her "GED" mind you she has a high school diploma but she knows she didnt "earn" it...she just went through the system as a special ed student....whatever....all I know she is in a shelter in springer.....and her counselor is Susan Jenkins....probably an alias...but...well that is all I have to go on.....can anyone give me some tele numbers on local domestic violence shelters in Springer? She is NOT abused.....she just wants some action....shes getting it...but she has cut off the most important person in her world....ME.....I am in CA right now...would love to hop on a plane but I dont know where to start....can anyone help? Its been 2 long weeks......this is just so crazy.......

Christopher Lee Smith
Sunland Park, New Mexico
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2006-08-12 12:36:21

Christapher You were born in 1967. I had to have you adopted because I was not married and couldn't take care of you. I would love to meet you , but only if you want to meet me. My name is Joyce Guerro formerly Joyce Maximoff. I live in Van Nuys, California. I named you Jeffery Scott Maximoff, but when you were adopted your parents named you Christopher Lee Smith. I have tried to look for you several times, but with no secuss. Please contact me on my e-mail if you wish to meet me. dukeybear2000@socal.rr.com You are porbably married and have children by now.

Portales, New Mexico
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2006-08-23 07:18:50

Looking for Henry Baca at 505 S. Ave B. Please tell him too write to Susie at 596 Kimball, Danville,Illinois 61832

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