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You Are Discussing: Albuquerque, the best city I have ever lived at.

Marlin, Texas
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2006-09-15 14:16:58

Hi, my name is Connie and I lived in BURQUE for 3 yrs, and they were the best 3yrs of my life. I miss it terribly, if there was a way for me to return i'd move back in the blink of an eye. Nothing can compare to the morning skies and the sunsets they are breathtaking. To those who live there you are blessed. I know it has alot of crime but when i lived there it really didn't seem like it, although, i did have the most notorious neighbors, but anyways i liked it. I MISS IT SOOOOOOOO MUCH. Wish i was there. See Ya!!

Bryant, Alabama
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2006-11-20 12:29:27

Connie: Do you know anything about Truth or Consequences, New Mexico? I\'m considering relocating there and have read a lot about the mineral springs, and the lovely weather. Just wondered if you ever got out that way when you lived in Albuquerque.

Fort Wingate, New Mexico
Offensive  |  Reply
2006-11-28 11:14:33

albq sucks

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