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You Are Discussing: old home

connie cummings
Port Washington, New York
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2006-06-23 02:36:40

My grandmother lived at 37 second ave. for many years. I found this site by accident and thought it might be fun to see if there were any pictures of the town. I was very young when I lived there and have fond memories of going to the duck pond and on sunday mornings before church taking the dog and walking to the store for the paper. The browers lived a couple of houses down from my grandmother . We had great fun swinging on a rope over the garage roof and I can remember wearing a hole in my pants sliding across the roof. In the winter time we used to sled down the road almost to the restaraunt that I can't remember the name of .I can remember my uncle sending to that restaraunt to pick up a bucket ofclams for him. Those were the days I would love to see pictures of the town.

peter leonard
Bronxville, New York
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2006-10-16 20:11:12


could it be the Birch Brook Inn / quotepost:1045]

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