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You Are Discussing: Cloricidin

Ellenville, New York
Offensive  |  Reply
2006-06-24 21:02:57

I am a resident of Ellenville, NY and have been for many years. Many teenagers are using an OTC drug called Cloricidin. The main ingredient in this drug is the same as in acid. The kids of our town are taking this drug to "trip". On the box it clearly states that no more than 6 should be taken in 24 hours. Teenagers are taking anywhere from 8 to 10 at one time and more within the next few hours. These kids are ages 15-25 and maybe younger or older. There is a law that no cold medicine can be purchased without a NYS issued ID and only three boxes/bottles. etc. can be purchased a month. However most stores are not enforcing this law. Worst of the ones that due are not aware that kids under 18 are gettin other people to buy it. As of a week ago all stores in Ellenville. Middletown, Pine Bush, Monticello, and many other surrounding areas were sold out of Cloricidin. Teenagers are willing to drive many miles for this drug and it is becoming a big problem. I have contacted many people ranging from the ECS principal to the FDA. I am very worried about this issue. We do not know the long term effects of this drug in large quantities. But I do know that many teenagers have had severe side effects, some to the point of hospilization. We need to protect our community. I am asking everyone to spread the word about this problem. Anything to protect the kids. Thank You!

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