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You Are Discussing: Crime Scene Fantasy Camp

Irene Hedrich
Beachwood, Ohio
Offensive  |  Reply
2006-09-20 13:24:20

I read in the paper that a Fantasy Camp has been created in Ashtabula. Hellscenes is the next wave of entertainment in Ohio

Hellscenes, Inc
Canton, Ohio
Offensive  |  Reply
2006-10-08 08:43:06

Yes it has!!!! We had our first successful day Saturday October 7th. A group of Forensic Science Majors from YSU participated in this fantasy camp. The word for the day was awesome!!!! They had to process a scene and find the evidence that would lead them to the discovery that they had a second victim who had been kidnapped. They had to traverse Ashtabula County and talk with witnesses and find more clues which would lead them to a remote part of Pierpont where they encountered a crazed ex-lover and the the female victim. The day was an intense foray into the world of the death investigator.

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