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You Are Discussing: Northwood = Grime

Northwood, Ohio
Offensive  |  Reply
2006-04-09 17:27:13

The city of Northwood is a what I like to call a "hole in the wall" The fact your police force chases everyone off with their Super-cop attitudes, combined with your mobile speeding ticket camera just stinks! I am 23 and have lived in Oregon my whole life, but if this city ever gets as cheap and sad as Northwood I would be the first to leave. Northwood , no wonder no business of substance are their..Bunch of mom and pop stores , not that it is bad but I feel sad for them cause I know I as well as many others avoid Northwood at all times cause their horrbile so called police force and their tatics! I thought your creed was to protect and serve , not harrass and hunt for crimes and when they are not their issue petty citations to hardworking individuals!! Get rid of your money machine of a camera and change your attitude with residents and maybe that is a good start!! I hope the best, because in the end it really is hurting you , not me....

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