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You Are Discussing: lost touch with a friend, Sarah Deeds

Kevin Sigmund
Buckeye Lake, Ohio
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2006-10-14 15:08:21

I had begun a friendship with a girl by the name of Sarah Deeds, who worked at Papa Boo's on the Lake. The friendship was interrupted by a serious illness on my part and when I was well enough to go back to the restaurant she had left her employment there for the summer season. This friendship was in such an early stage that we had not yet exchanged phone numbers so I don't know how to reach her but I would desperately like to. Sarah would know me as "Kevin from the lake, with the stereo faceplate that also is a TV remote"; it was one of our jokes together. E mail dksigmund@yahoo.com, phone (740) 756-7343. Any help is tremendously appreciated.

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