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You Are Discussing: Ethel Elizabeth Harpst

Mildred Perry Miller
Piketon, Ohio
Offensive  |  Reply
2006-11-24 06:06:51

Ethel Elizabeth Harpst was born in Piketon in 1893 to Charles and
Elizabeth Harpst, previously from PA. As a young child, Ethel and
her parents moved to northern Alabama as Mr. Harpst was engaged
in the iron industry. Ethel Harpst became a notable Methodist
Missionary and founded a home for homeless children which was a
great success and is still in existence today. Anything about her
life in Piketon and her parents would be most appreciated. She died in November of 1967 and is buried in Cedartown, Ga, the site
of the wonderful home she established for over 1,000 children during the 37 years she cared for them. Thanks

Mildred Perry Miller
Piketon, Ohio
Offensive  |  Reply
2006-11-24 06:08:32

I am sorry. I mis-wrote. Ethel Harpst was born in 1883, not 1893.

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