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You Are Discussing: Funnel Cloud Sighting 6/28/2006 at 9:05pm near 271S & 480W (Bedford Heights)

Bedford Heights, Ohio
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2006-06-29 22:13:26

I was driving South on I-271 towards Hudson and was just before the I-480W split - I spotted the clear outline of a funnel cloud, grey-ish white tinted with pink/orange-ish in color (sun was still setting) off to the east against the backdrop of the dark grey skies. The air was very unstable and lightning was flashing horizontally across the sky. The funnel was not down to the ground, but stretched up high into the sky. It was the same width all the way down. I couldn't tell how far away it was or which way it was going, but I was fearful to keep travelling south for concern it would cross my path.

When I called my wife, to my surprise she said there were no tornado watches plus I did not hear anything on the news other than hail reports.

I was curious if anyone else spotted this funnel cloud?

Also, it sounded similar to what was reported in Indiana the day before:



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