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You Are Discussing: I am looking for my cousin D. Trnkus

betka trnkusova from Slovakia (dudasova)
Lakewood, Ohio
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2006-04-05 09:36:48

Could someone help me to find my family in Lakewook?I have a cousim David Trnkus in Lakewook and I have not seen him for 30 years. I am not sure, if he is still living in this city, but if somebody knows him or knows his adress, please let me know.
Thank you very much

Urbana, Ohio
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2006-10-09 09:51:27

I know Dave Trnkus. Email me and I will give you the entire scoop, I am actually a former relative of his..

Kunda Salzmann from Hamburg, Germany
Sheffield Lake, Ohio
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2006-10-09 10:25:22

I am looking for Shirley R. North or one of her daughters. Their names are Charity, Amanda and Jessica. Maybe somone of you is still in contact with them and can give me the address, phone nr. or email-address??? Thank you very much!
Greetings from Hamburg, Kunda

betka trankusova from slovakia
Urbana, Ohio
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2006-11-24 03:30:30

On 2006-10-09 09:51:27, CB said:

I know Dave Trnkus. Email me and I will give you the entire scoop, I am actually a former relative of his..
Hello, I am very happy, that somebody knows Dave. Could you pelase contact via mail. / this is my adress that I am usig: alica.dudasova@gmail.com/ thank you. Alizabeth

Michelle Mullins (Fisk)
Wheelersburg, Ohio
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2006-11-29 13:09:02

I am looking for the boys I went to school with....Spencer weeks, Rusty Stidham, Brian Mullens. If anybody knows them or where they are plaese email me.

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