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You Are Discussing: holden fair

this was posted about your fair
Holden, Missouri
Offensive  |  Reply
2006-09-22 14:21:01

I'm genetically an *******. I know this and I fight with it everyday of my life. But this Friday I thought I would fight it extra hard and be in the most cordial mood that I could muster for our Holden Fall Festival gig, all the time knowing in my gut that it would turn out to be a **********. How did I know this, you ask? I knew this because I once wasted four years of my life in that pathetic excuse for a town and was painfully aware of it's neandrathal infrastructure and the semi-retarded inbreds that run it. It was laughable how there wasn't enough electricity to go around. A sound system should not cause street lights to dim. Our P.A. was starved for power to the point that I had to run it like we were playing a church ice cream social. This, in turn, cause the normal domino effect of artists not being able to get into their performances. Our lighting system was shut almost completely off just to keep enough power going to the amps to keep them from faulting out. The town of Holden refuses to step into the 21st century, or 20th for that matter. But hey, what do you expect from a town where the best job you can get is being a car hop at the Sonic. Maybe when the last of the blue haired dinosours that is the Holden city council dies out, somebody will step up and say "enough of this Amish ********!". But I'm not holding my breath. There are some folks in Holden that dig our music and for that I am grateful. But our fans and Francis Brillhart are the ONLY good things about that town. The corrupt small town politics, impotent police department and ridiculous school system are the laughing stock of central Missouri. If you're trying to raise kids there, keep in mind that they will have three life choices after high school; meth addict, MFA or move somewhere worth a ****.
Sorry boys but we should've never even attempted this one.
Drink..........oh.. whatever.
~Mikey Gonebad~
This was posted on Mikey Gonebads blog page on the Blackwater Union band website……..surprised me you hired them again after they said this about your town!

Mikey Gonebad
Springfield, Missouri
Offensive  |  Reply
2006-11-04 15:25:37

First off, I don\'t think any of us give a flying rat\'s *** if we ever play in that dump again. Secondly, it was our anual St. Judes benefit show where we give all of the money from the gig and merchandise sales to sick little children stricken with cancer.

Man, you\'re an *******!

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