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You Are Discussing: Cedar County---Pankey Cemetary

M Pankey
Stockton, Missouri
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2006-05-29 13:23:18

In my family Memorial Day has a tradition of not only recognizing men and women who served in the military, but it goes back even earlier to a time when it was known as "Decoration Day" and graves of all loved ones are to be cleaned and adorned with
flowers. Mom, Dad, my brother, aunts and uncles, and others also paid into the Pankey Cemetary Trust to try to insure family could rest in peace and their graves would be undisturbed and ready for decorating for Memorial Day. This year we found that trust had been betrayed.

My sister and I were shocked when we went to the cemetary and found a grave had been dug within less than one foot of the front of Mom and Dad's stone, leaving virtually no space for decorating their graves. And although the death was April 20, 2006, the grave had holes sunk enough to make it very unsafe plus all the old baskets and dead flowers from the funeral were still piled on the grave covering up anything we placed for Mom and Dad's graves. Mom and Dad's double stone looked as though it would topple over in any wind and indeed we wondered if the grave digger already toppled their stone and had only set it back up without full repairs.

Should we make a report to the Sheriff's department? Was it negligence or vandalism since obviously it would cost money to have Mom and Dad's stone properly set plus their graves had obviously been disturbed? Or would the Pankey Cemetary trustees take positive action? (But, why wasn't the mess at least cleaned up during the cemetary work day and the holes filled or why hadn't we been called and warned we could not properly decorate this year?) Was the funeral home to blame? Or the grave digger?
Certainly this made us aware an extra row of graves has also been added such that Dad's grave could also be disturbed to the south and some total stranger added to the Pankey row. Who made the decision to add a row of graves such that now the rows do not line up and the graves are stacked almost on top of one another? Mom and Dad were certainly led to believe their stone was set such no one could be placed between them and the internal road. But, no one was supposed to be buried so that their grave was dug less than a foot from the front of Mom and Dad's stone either. The Pankey Cemetary was never meant for people to be buried piled up like it is Chicago or China.

If anyone has information about who dug the Jones-Yarnell grave in April, 2006 and who all claims to be a Pankey Cemetary trustee please let us know---
mpankey2006@yahoo.com, 876-4626, 816-256-5336. Also if you have information as to why this cemetary carries the Pankey name please let us know. Marvalene Pankey, PO Box 152 Collins, Mo. 64738-0152.

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