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You Are Discussing: Looking for info

New Madrid, Missouri
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2006-09-12 01:58:43

I seen a show several years ago on the history channel about a big hole that appeared on some farmers land (guess it was maybe back in the 50's) well anyway it appeared outa no where and a lil boy's dog had fell in it, well some ppl had lowered a man down in the deep hole and they heard growling noises and the brung the man up and what ever he had seen, it drove the man crazy and they had to put him away....(My husband and I both have seen that show a couple of times) and then the hole just disapeared as it had just apeared....I was wondering if anyone knows where this happened...They said it was in New Madrid....I would really like some info about this and where it happened.....I tried the New Madrid web sight and cant seem to find anything that would help with this issue.....Please help me out if ya know any info....Thank you so much.....

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Wentzville, Missouri
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2006-09-14 12:15:34

On 2006-09-13 16:27:26, Chris Palmer said:

This Post was deleted due to offensive content. Please see the forum rules.
Business promotion is not allowed in our forum system. Sorry but I had to delete your post Chris.

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