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4/19/2006 Forums Administrator N/A

Looking for Coy, father or Colten of Holdinville

Started in Holdenville, Oklahoma
2006-11-27 01:37:44 Tina 1

Looking for relatives of the Archie Allen Family,

Started in Jay, Oklahoma
2006-11-26 00:47:06 Larry Allen 1

Authoring a Book as Tribute to Dryden Centennial Pioneers, near Hollis

Started in Hollis, Oklahoma
2006-11-24 13:53:44 Gary Courtney, Great-Grandson of Tillmans and Yorks, Gr-Nephew of Foulks 1

Went to Comanche Elementary \'75-78, (class of 87) looking for yearbook, pics.

Started in Comanche, Oklahoma
2006-11-21 04:08:19 Corey Griffith 1


Started in Sayre, Oklahoma
2006-11-19 20:52:03 murphy 1

Mathis Family History Being Published

Started in Hominy, Oklahoma
2006-11-09 12:35:59 Gary Courtney, grandson of Nettie Mae Mathis of Hominy 1

Looking for Jerry Alexander

Started in Madill, Oklahoma
2006-11-06 06:45:14 Brandy Goff 1

Looking for Donald Peterson from Guthrie

Started in Guthrie, Oklahoma
2006-10-28 01:54:35 Andrea 1

Finding Old Friends to discuss recent family loss

Started in Eufaula, Oklahoma
2006-10-25 16:44:24 Lucille Chote 6

Choctaw Round Up Club at the State Fair last year'05

Started in McLoud, Oklahoma
2006-09-27 01:43:43 Chelle 1

Seeking Shelley Hall formerly of Meridian (Comanche) Oklahoma

Started in Comanche, Oklahoma
2006-09-23 01:55:47 Cyn Burton 1

anyone in edmond know my mother?

Started in Nowata, Oklahoma
2006-09-18 16:00:09 Marlene Dusz 2

Tau kappa epsilon epsilon theta Durant

Started in Cushing, Oklahoma
2006-09-18 09:03:19 TR Wilson 1

Looking for an old friend Vicki Cantu

Started in Hollis, Oklahoma
2006-09-16 10:04:23 Debra Caldwell (Velasquez) 1

Looking for Michael W. Kyle

Started in Mangum, Oklahoma
2006-09-12 17:45:58 Timothy A.Shove 2

Looking for Connie Pruitt or Stephanie Jones from Elk City

Started in Elk City, Oklahoma
2006-09-07 17:23:11 Rhonda 1

williamson family/thompsonfamily

Started in Stroud, Oklahoma
2006-09-05 17:03:22 joyce card(williamson) 1

Batchelor/ Patterson girls- Lizzie & Cheryl

Started in Stroud, Oklahoma
2006-09-04 20:22:36 Ed Spinelli 1

information from the past

Started in Krebs, Oklahoma
2006-09-01 17:23:21 betty ann feodine 2


Started in Perry, Oklahoma
2006-08-31 08:40:41 MARLENE FARLOW 1

Looking for Paula Wagner

Started in Fort Gibson, Oklahoma
2006-08-30 11:13:03 Annabella Parker 1

Any Newports still around?

Started in Hominy, Oklahoma
2006-08-28 20:34:15 Lisa Newport 1

Searching Indian Territory

Started in Eufaula, Oklahoma
2006-08-28 08:19:33 Sherri 1

Farrier/Blacksmith moving to Wetumka,OK

Started in Wetumka, Oklahoma
2006-08-12 17:16:48 Steve Conner 1

Ruby Jo Couch

Started in Ravia, Oklahoma
2006-08-10 16:57:33 Paul Russell 1


Started in Marlow, Oklahoma
2006-08-08 22:41:36 JAN SMITH 10

Looking for rental in wagnor area

Started in Checotah, Oklahoma
2006-08-08 16:46:54 JESSIE H 2

Driving in Inola Aug

Started in Inola, Oklahoma
2006-08-08 08:52:20 PrairieGirl 1

Looking for Patricia Blalock

Started in Chouteau, Oklahoma
2006-08-04 20:15:02 Brandon Dunn 1

Trying to find lost childhood friend:Kelly Meeks-Coweta OK

Started in Coweta, Oklahoma
2006-08-04 13:49:46 Anna (Johnson) Mullins -Texas 1

Looking for James and Lisa Carter

Started in Spiro, Oklahoma
2006-08-04 08:38:22 Jeff Z 1

Looking for Mark T Riley in Pryor

Started in Pryor, Oklahoma
2006-08-03 08:39:41 casey amen 1

In search of someone who lives in Bethany, Ok.

Started in Hartshorne, Oklahoma
2006-08-03 05:01:55 Michelle 3

Passing away of my mother Maire Lewis

Started in Konawa, Oklahoma
2006-07-30 07:19:44 John B Lewis 2

Dixie Lee Russell

Started in Hominy, Oklahoma
2006-07-30 01:05:08 Paul Russell 1

Isaac Benjamin Engle

Started in Jay, Oklahoma
2006-07-29 01:25:56 Tina Engle Graham 2

Geneology Search

Started in Stidham, Oklahoma
2006-07-25 01:48:57 warren shanks mceachern 5

Looking for Kay Starks

Started in Skiatook, Oklahoma
2006-07-09 14:14:55 Richard Starks 2

ww1 veteran jesse c sales

Started in Holdenville, Oklahoma
2006-07-04 11:01:01 david 1

Looking for Elly aka Suryani, Mike's Singapore wife

Started in Sand Springs, Oklahoma
2006-06-13 04:41:48 Diana Asmara Caldwell 1

Looking for DeAnna Davis

Started in Wewoka, Oklahoma
2006-06-07 14:39:54 Dave Thompson 1

need rv parking spot monthly

Started in Woodward, Oklahoma
2006-06-07 10:53:34 Liesel Carney 1

Looking for Mr. Billy J. Thompson born 1930-9-30 in Idabel or relatives

Started in Idabel, Oklahoma
2006-06-06 07:15:49 Billy Held 1

James Hill

Started in Carnegie, Oklahoma
2006-06-03 00:24:05 Carnegie Girl 2

Looking to relocate

Started in Coalgate, Oklahoma
2006-06-01 18:37:58 Lamont in Miami 2

State Fair

Started in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2006-06-01 10:28:33 Denis 2

Looking for an Old Friend

Started in Cherokee, Oklahoma
2006-05-30 09:30:22 Ramona 1

Bobby Zane Miller

Started in Yukon, Oklahoma
2006-05-27 10:38:08 EZM 2

finding old friends

Started in Colbert, Oklahoma
2006-05-24 09:58:42 Dave Thompson 1

New bussiness in Elk City?????

Started in Idabel, Oklahoma
2006-05-02 10:48:13 yogo 2

Rita Carol Mayes

Started in El Reno, Oklahoma
2006-04-30 17:12:43 Dick Mayes 1

lee hanes

Started in Ada, Oklahoma
2006-04-25 19:56:15 N baker 2

Jerry "BUD" ROWE - missing

Started in Stilwell, Oklahoma
2006-04-12 09:28:13 Mrs Jerry "BUD" ROWE 1

Missing Husband

Started in Stilwell, Oklahoma
2006-04-11 09:45:32 Mrs Jerry "BUD" ROWE 2

In search of Lois Candance Mare Harrison aka Candy and my daughter Natalie....who is or was living with Candy's mother Pricillia Ryan!!!

Started in Duncan, Oklahoma
2006-04-11 09:40:50 Eddy Koch 1

Sooners Basketball

Started in Tulsa, Oklahoma
2006-03-27 16:13:50 Brian S 3
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