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4/19/2006 Forums Administrator N/A

Ripco Company

Started in Oxford, Pennsylvania
2006-11-10 15:31:34 Robert Bennethum 1

Birth Mother

Started in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
2006-10-30 16:24:49 Roger Klinge 1

Lost Mother

Started in New Kensington, Pennsylvania
2006-10-28 18:13:59 anonymous 4

Geneology / History of Linglestown PA

Started in Linglestown, Pennsylvania
2006-10-19 22:19:04 Monika 1


Started in Scranton, Pennsylvania
2006-10-18 16:09:19 Cippiciani 1

Looking for Beidemans

Started in Royersford, Pennsylvania
2006-10-15 21:02:57 Robert Barnes 1

help to find my father

Started in Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania
2006-09-25 15:31:13 mg, clifton heights 3

The flash flood and the fire in johnstown,pennsylvania! :(

Started in Johnstown, Pennsylvania
2006-09-24 07:23:40 Taylor 1

skateboarding outlawed!

Started in Johnstown, Pennsylvania
2006-09-24 07:18:28 Taylor 3

looking for my dad

Started in Weatherly, Pennsylvania
2006-09-22 23:52:24 brian wiley 1

trying to locate Shannon Leanne Hauck

Started in Gallitzin, Pennsylvania
2006-09-20 12:13:26 anonymous 2

Apparent Lack Of Safety Concerns Regarding Dilapidated Buildings In Coaldale.

Started in Coaldale, Pennsylvania
2006-09-19 18:53:16 Reverend Gregory Joseph Covell 1

St Paul 175th anniversary

Started in Pine Grove Mills, Pennsylvania
2006-09-19 17:03:21 William Brennan 1


Started in Mc Clellandtown, Pennsylvania
2006-09-07 18:09:32 Mary Hunter Scoville 1

Indiana Fair Ripoff

Started in Crum Lynne, Pennsylvania
2006-09-02 14:18:39 Paul 3

Lost female Husky-have you seen her?

Started in Malvern, Pennsylvania
2006-08-31 16:47:07 Joe 3

Yuill / Hastie Family

Started in Avoca, Pennsylvania
2006-08-28 11:50:27 J Collins 1

Genealogy/history of Dublin PA

Started in Dublin, Pennsylvania
2006-08-26 20:38:14 Beverly Sprague 1

Trying to locate Brian K Mohn or Cheyanne Mohn

Started in Bridgeport, Pennsylvania
2006-08-22 15:19:49 Marian 1

Searching for John A salamone , James J McGoldrick,James E Byers,LaFayette Huston III

Started in Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania
2006-08-21 18:57:43 m. dangelis 2

Looking for Inventor Katrina A. Manko

Started in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2006-08-21 13:13:20 unknown 3

Found Dogtag!

Started in Leechburg, Pennsylvania
2006-08-21 08:05:32 jeff brochu, MSgt USAF(R) 1

What happened to the Campanini's?

Started in Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania
2006-08-18 06:26:05 S Vetrone 1

Did anyone know my great grandmother?

Started in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania
2006-08-16 23:20:21 Kristin 1

Death of Donald Ruby, Downingtown, Pennsylvania

Started in Downingtown, Pennsylvania
2006-08-08 11:25:38 Ed Bowley 1

Illegal Immigration. Bravo Mayor Lou Barletta.

Started in Hazleton, Pennsylvania
2006-08-05 19:27:01 Eva M. Lockey 3

where is my brother in low

Started in Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania
2006-08-05 12:22:15 Mariusz Wisniewski from POLAND 2

Seeking Host Family for French boy in Wyncote, PA

Started in Wyncote, Pennsylvania
2006-08-04 15:10:32 Lily Duong 1

looking for migdalia rodriguez [Maggie]

Started in Middletown, Pennsylvania
2006-07-30 16:30:34 lisa rodriguez 1

4th of july parade

Started in Warren, Pennsylvania

Foreign student,girl,age 21,coming with a Work&Travel Program from Romania, need cheap place to stay during this summer

Started in Perryopolis, Pennsylvania
2006-06-11 01:57:40 Debbie Eberts 4

Searching For A Stephen Jansen

Started in Oil City, Pennsylvania
2006-06-06 21:06:40 Trish 2

Missing Northern lehigh student

Started in Slatington, Pennsylvania
2006-05-19 13:28:35 Andrew Dufal And Ryan Shmoyer 1

Looking for contact data of Donora, Pennsylvania

Started in Donora, Pennsylvania
2006-05-09 03:42:04 pdraghiciu 1

Pennsylvania Bluestone

Started in Shawnee Mission, Kansas
2006-04-24 20:12:16 Forum Admin 1

Looking to buy or rent in Dallas area

Started in Dallas, Pennsylvania
2006-04-20 17:32:25 Tobie 1

Bassett Pond

Started in Fleetville, Pennsylvania
2006-04-13 13:19:18 Terra 1

Battle of Gettyburg Re-Enactment -JULY 2006

Started in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
2006-03-29 13:39:41 Marianne 1
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