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You Are Discussing: Tornadoes

Gallatin, Tennessee
Offensive  |  Reply
2006-04-08 13:36:50

I'm just extending my hopes that everyone in my hometown is alright. I am praying for you, and pray that Gallatin will be okay.

Mary Rose
Gallatin, Tennessee
Offensive  |  Reply
2006-04-08 14:16:07

I am praying for all the tornado victims and their families. God Bless Them.

Damian Keierleber
Newbern, Tennessee
Offensive  |  Reply
2006-04-10 15:39:45

Hi my name is Damian, I lost my wonderful son to a tornado on April 2nd. I am surely going to miss him, and my loss to Stacy and Jerry, a wonderful couple that I will miss them, and a special friend, Eloy Ureste. A wonderful person. I also want to extend my deep regret to those people of Enochs road (Maxey) community.I do not know these people except for few I know. I am grieving for moment and I enjoyed visit the country like I did last year. We had fun playing pool table and ping pong, I had trouble with the ping pong, but I laughed out so loud . Visiting the out of country sure took my burden out ,enjoying seeing the cows,horses, you name it. I always took my son,Tyler out for excerise. collecting the cans trying to teach him collect the small investment. Seth also went with him. How much I loved the country (Newbern),it mean like second home. I will always loved my son and ,I will miss him. May God bless everyone's soul, and I really do wanted my son back. Damian

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