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You Are Discussing: When the law doesn't obey?

Woodbury, Tennessee
Offensive  |  Reply
2006-10-22 15:17:33

This past week one of my daughter's friends ran away...well, within two days a city police along with the SRO at the high school questioned my daughter WITHOUT parental consent, any guidance couselors or even the principal or vice-principal (who did not know she was even questioned until the next day). Now my question is...what happens to a county whose police doesn't even obey constitutional rights of the youth. When I explained to the Chief that was wrong on the part of the officers, he only asked, "What if it was your daughter missing?" As much as I understand that, it DOES NOT give the police permission to ignore the law. The SRO is only allowed to question kids about anything that occurred at school, this one took my daughter out of class and took her to the policeman waiting to question her, a policeman that did not even check into the school or ask permission to talk to her. I realize there are alot of good things that go on in school, but WE MUST PROTECT OUR CHILDREN, even if it's from the law!!!!

Thank you...

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