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You Are Discussing: Vaden Families in, Lauderdale, Haywood, Dyer, Tipton, (adjoining) Counties.

Ripley, Tennessee
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2006-10-30 16:11:07

I am looking for info on Vaden Families. My g-grandma was Mary (E. Ellen?) Vaden. She married Benjamin VanVickle. They were in Haywood Co. in the 1900 census. On which Mary was 28 (b. Nov. 1871) Alabama.

In 1910 the family was in Tipton Co. It is said she was standing at the stove cooking and fell dead. I have not found any death info on her, or what cemetery she might be in.

I have searched for her family. I found a John and Mary Safronia (Safrona) Unknown, Vaden that was in Alabama 1860-1870 census. 1880 Mary Safronia is in Lauderdale Co. with children. 1900 Mary Safronia is in Haywood living with the family of Thomas J. Vaden, as his cousin. This would possibly be Mary Safronia\\\'s husband\\\'s cousin, not really hers by blood. Mary Safronia is 64 b. Alabama. Do not find Mary Safronia after this census, no death or cemetery info.

I have so far found appears to be only 2 Vaden familes in the area. One from John and Mary Safronia, and the other some of the children of Smith and Eleanor Vaden.

Any one with any info would sure be appreciated, Thank you Cathy

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