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You Are Discussing: Do your children use myspace?

Concerned Citizen
Carthage, Tennessee
Offensive  |  Reply
2006-11-26 22:46:17

I myself use myspace. It's a fun place to chat with friends and keep in touch with those friends far away. I am an alumni of Smith County High School and every now and then I check in and see if any of my friends have been added to the Smith County group.I do not know how many parents check on their children to see exactly who they are talking to or what topics are being posted on the website, but I do believe parents should realize that your children use vulgarity on their sites, talk down to freshman on this site,and discuss things that 14 and 15 year olds should not be discussing, especially in a place where more than just their friends can view. I know you have seen this site in the news, and I do recommend for the safety of your children, that you periodically check what they are doing on Myspace and who they are talking to and about.You can always make a profile, set it to be private and add your child so you can view who their friends are and what kind of comments their friends are leaving on their space. I know most parents are trusting and their child is the best, but please be aware of what your child does online. It's a dangerous place, and they need to know how to stay safe while they are surfing the net. I know children grow up, but until they grow up, parents still need to make sure their teens are not surfing dangerous sites online.I am not specifically pointing out or critisizing anyone as a parent, but I believe the internet can be dangerous even for children growing up in a small town such as this.

Hohenwald, Tennessee
Offensive  |  Reply
2006-11-27 00:38:39

This is the exact reason i started BibleLounge.com, it's a faith based alternative to myspace. I launched the site to get my kids off of myspace and it's alot cleaner and safer.
My name is tom on the site, so drop by and say hello.

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