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You Are Discussing: As I sit in the swing by Gena McClain

Gena McClain
Woodbury, Tennessee
Offensive  |  Reply
2006-11-27 22:04:25

While the Earth is soft from the rain,
I sit in the swing and wonder.
With all the colorful leaves on the ground,
I sit in the swing and ponder.
I think about the life I have,
And about my beautiful babies.
I think about the obstacles ahead,
And worry about lifes maybes.
I dream about my love so true,
And thank God for it everyday.
I dream about the paths ahead,
And know we will find our way.
I pray for all my friends and family,
And hope their lives are great.
I pray for their health and safety,
And hope they are far from despair and hate.
I miss the ones, they know who they are.
And I want to tell them one thing....
I love you all and think of you....
As I sit in the swing.

By Gena McClain

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