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You Are Discussing: Genealogy

Bernard Davies Blackpool England
Orem, Utah
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2006-11-16 08:08:32

Lookong for any Stringers in the area related to my ancestors John Stringer (1667)/Maria mousdale(1671) both born in Cheshire England

looking for Walentine's in Salem, Orem,Provo areas,Heather &Steve DR. l
Salem, Utah
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2006-11-20 12:03:43

My grandson, Dustin, Blond, hazel eyes, soon 4 yrs. old. living with above and 3 black bros., and 1 sister. Would like to know whereabouts if seen.

looking for Wallentine
Salem, Utah
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2006-11-20 12:09:22

My grandson, Dustin Wallentine, specifically, lives with adopting parents: Dr. Steve & wife Heather. 4 other children that are black.

Thomas & Jane Williams
Grantsville, Utah
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2006-11-24 14:19:10

Thomas & Jane are recorded in the 1880 US Census as living in Grantsville City, along with 6 children. Priseilla, Sarah, Thomas, James, Esther and Louisa.

I think Thomas Jnr is my Great Grandfather who died in the UK in 1932. My GGF never spoke of his family except to say he was from Utah. Oddly, he always called my GGM 'Jane' even though her name was Hannah. Evidence is wholly circumstantial based on that and a number of factors. I know that James was still living in Grantsville in the 1920's but there is no trace of Thomas.

If anyone can fill in bits of the family puzzle I would be grateful.

Kind Regards
Mike Williams

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