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You Are Discussing: Coleman Family of York/Brewersville/West Greene, AL

Jennifer Kirce
York, Alabama
Offensive  |  Reply
2006-09-19 07:33:43

Good morning all. I am looking to get some information in regards to my late grandfather Ed Coleman. He was born in York, AL around 1907/1908 and his father, (my great grandfather) name was Edward Coleman. I believe my great grandmother's last name was either Fenderson or Robertson but I don't have a first name. It is believed that she died in a house fire when my grandfather was very young. The 1930 census has my grandfather and his siblings, (Burt, Ophelia, and Ora D) living with an aunt name Maudy Fenderson. If anyone has any information that can assist in this search, if would be greatly appreciated.

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