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Lynetric Bridges
Camden, Alabama
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2006-10-23 19:55:36

I am looking for any family members or friends of my mother Mary Frances (Hunt) Braidges, father, Adolph Bridges, my grandmother, Ora (Mack) Hunt, my grandfather, Edward Hunt. Also pictures of Camden ALA in the 30s, 40s and 50s

help to find someone
Brentwood, California
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2006-11-22 13:35:30

hi i also have family in camden, ala, named Huff, i searched for my dads family for a 14 years and finally i got in touch with his wife who is up near selma, he died in 1988, its been a long and sad ride for me, for a long time, i was angry that my dad just, left and never returned , or help my mom take care of me, its been really sad , though, i cant, help but wonder why? but i have family on my mothers side who live in camden co. or a town call coy next door to camden, i use to go there when i was little so i may know some of your family, , my aunt knows every body in that area almost, i bet she knows your family, and my other aunt who lives in that small town, was born there an graduated there, so one of them may know,,, i understand totally you fustration and hope of finding your family... email me at kellismith123@msn.com if you need to ask questions....

help to find someone
Brentwood, California
Offensive  |  Reply
2006-11-22 13:37:12

thanks for your time

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