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You Are Discussing: Leaving the Adirondacks

Grace Ruggiero
Cheyenne, Wyoming
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2006-08-06 08:22:20

I currently live in upstate New York, and looking on any kind of info on your beautiful state that I have every intention on moving to. I am a Landscaper and a bartender off season, looking to try to keep the same kind of work going. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Brian Connely
Casper, Wyoming
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2006-08-16 00:27:13

Wyoming is high, dry and cold. The cultural amenities are **** nigh nill. We have gusty strong winds that need to be experienced to be believed. Most folks from the green treed states back East find most of this state bleak. We're Republican and Conservative with a coarse demeanor. The transplants that stick it out and fall in love with this State are generally people that are WAY into hunting and fishing. A tie to this rugged land helps a bunch as there isn't much to be found in towns....no opera, 4 star resturaunts, art museums, or upscale shopping. Our biggest town is 55,000. A large contingent of our current population is now oilfield boomers.
My suggestion would be go to Colorado or New Mexico or Montana. Utah's nice I've heard but the bartending opportunities are probably slim.
BUT if after all that and you're willing to stay thru the heat, cold, wind, economic bust cycles, periodic Texan invasions, etc. for the simple pleasure of seeing seas of sage with antelope, sagegrouse and mule deer. If your willing to sacrifice career, opportunies and culture for the priviledge of living in a state that still has a little habitat and wildlands left.............then come on and welcome!

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