Find encouragement and inspiration and a cause for living, right here in Miami or internationally. Depressed? Hurting? Discouraged? Want to find your unique purpose and what life is all about, or a great cause? Check out these resources!

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Great Causes

Salvation Army

American Red Cross

Habitat For Humanity

World Vision

The American Anti-Slavery Group

Voice of the Martyrs

Angel Tree

Compassion International

American Cancer Society

Strategic World Impact

Abolish Slavery

Inspiration and Resources

The Journey Deepens

Homes from the Heart

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Billy Graham Association

Christian Worldwide Directory

Christianity Net

Gospel Communications Network

Net Ministries

Keys For Kids

Words of Hope

Youth Specialties

Youth Pastor

Youth Ministry

Grace and Mercy Ministries
Ernie Gruen

The Word For Today

Hell: Eternal Torment or Annihilation?

Free Spiritual Gift Test

Campus Crusade for Christ, Intl.

Focus On The Family

LIFE Outreach International

Military Ministry Network

Oasis Network

Our Daily Bread


Christian Community Network

Christian Interactive Network

Gospelcom Bible Gateway

Kansas City Christian


Gospel For Asia - Get a Free Book

Are You Going to Heaven?

Evolution: Science Proves Otherwise